Logo design

Lune crêperie

Freelance project developed in 2018 for a small crêperie opening in the heart of Madrid.


The client

In 2018 two long-time friends, Stèphane and John, decide it's time to stop working for other companies and make an old dream come true: start their own business and open a restaurant in the heart of Madrid.

Since Stèphane is French, they set themselves the goal of bringing a true French crêperie experience to the Spanish consumer.

The brief

The client needed a logo to present their new venture to the world. One thing was clear: the name. Lune, moon in French, was chosen as they have a penchant for the cosmos and science-fiction and they also really liked Georges Mèliés' moon in Le Voyage dans la Lune as an icon and representation of French culture. Besides, they felt there is a playful resemblance between a crêpe and the shape of the moon.


October 2018

I'll be adding more details about this project very soon.